Departure Wichard Huigen, CEO Verwater Group

27 August 2021

In March 2018 Wichard Huigen took office as CEO within the Verwater Group. Since then he has successfully led our company through some difficult times, including the corona crisis. Also, together with our employees and customers, a nice growth of our core business has been ensured.

After a career of 40 years, of which more than 3.5 years with Verwater, Wichard has now indicated that he wants to take it a somewhat easier. He will soon turn 60 and will then slowly start his retirement; he would also like to fulfil a number of socially relevant roles, for example in the field of nature preservation. As of October 31st 2021, Wichard will therefore step down as our CEO. Through our strategic advisory committee Wichard will remain connected to Verwater in the role of advisor.

We thank Wichard and will soon raise a glass with him on his retirement. We wish him all the best for the future, together with his family and friends!