Independent Belgian Refinery IBR / Gunvor

  • Location
    Antwerp, Belgium
  • Total storage capacity
    1 million ton
  • Diameter
    40-50 meters
  • Execution
    2014 – 2015

Independent Belgian Refinery IBR / Gunvor

Renovation of 7 storage tanks

In 2013 Verwater was awarded the contract for the renovation of in total 7 storage tanks. The tanks varied in sizes from 40m up to 50m in diameter. In general the scopes included jacking of the tanks, civil works and mechanical repairs (bottom, shell, roof).

As Verwater was appointed as general contractor, most subcontractors, including scaffolding, insulation, cleaning, and painting, worked under the supervision of Verwater. Because the completion of these tanks was very time sensitive, the planning and schedule were very tight. In peak periods a team of about 40 Verwater employees were working together at IBR.

In 2015 the last tank was completed well within the scheduled time frame and to satisfaction of IBR.

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