Our unique jacking system is the safest in the world

Verwater has over 60 years of experience in jacking storage tanks, piping and piping racks. We have successfully jacked and repaired over 10 000 tanks using our own unique jacking method. Verwater also has extensive experience when it comes to the relocation of tanks

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From a contractor to a full-service provider

Paco Spruijt, foreman civil and jacking

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I work for Verwater for ten years now and we’ve evolved from a contractor to a full-service provider. This helped me evolve and grow enormously. Personal and professional development is something you can count on with Verwater.

We guide clients to make the right choices for an optimal result from the very beginning and always stick to our word and agreement. 


Gertjan Jelier

Manager Civil & Tankjacking

+31 (0)10 416 5477
Technical Director Belgium
Dirk Vandeweyer

Technical Director Belgium

+32 (0)32 703 123

Jacking in depth

Jacking cone roofs

Cone roofs

Verwater’s proven technology of jacking roofs is applied worldwide

Jacking of floating roof

Floating roofs

Verwater has extensive experience with dedicated jacking constructions supporting floating roofs

Jacking of column supported tank

Column-supported roofs

Verwater has unique experience jacking column-supported roof tanks which require a special approach, including 3D scans, inspections and alternate jacking

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Jacking of piping

Piping and piping racks

Jacking of piping and piping racks allows for complete maintenance and coating of pipelines

Tank relocation


Verwater has solutions for relocating tanks of any type and size. Our techniques include rolling on skid tracks, mobile cranes, platform trailers and transport over water, using pontoons and derricks

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