Verwater Tank Relocation

Recently scored - two relocation projects: tank construction and tank maintenance

3 December 2018

Recently we scored two relocation projects at one of our valued customers at Pernis Rotterdam and in Fredericia, Danmark.

At a location in Pernis a new tank will be constructed next to the existing tank. After completing the tank, it will be coated and insulated. Hereafter the existing tank will be demolished and the tank foundation will be repaired. The new tank will then be relocated to the repaired tankfoundation, followed by finishing the foundation and placing the tank on its new foundation. The project will be completed at the beginning of 2020.

For the same customer, we scored our first lump sum maintenance project in Denmark. During this project, Verwater will take the entire project management at its account. At first the tank will be jacked, after which it will be relocated, using SPMT’s, to the temporary tank foundation. After placing the tank on the temporary foundation, the bottom will be removed and a new bottom will be placed. The current foundation and the polluted soil will be excavated and rebuilt. After this the tank will be relocated back to the new tank foundation. After the hydrotest, the bottom of the tank will be gritblasted and internally coated up to 1 meter on the bottom ring of the wall. At the end of September 2019 the tank must be fully operational.