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Verwater is an expert in tank maintenance, replacing and repairing tank bottoms, roofs and shells. We apply the latest technologies, including automatic welding and hydro cutting. We develop tank maintenance programs compliant to existing codes, standards and regulations. We execute projects in a multidisciplinary manner, and our services extend to total tank maintenance trajectories.

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Driving through the Botlek area makes me so proud!

Ryan O’Brien, iron worker, tank maintenance

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Driving through the Botlek area makes me so proud! When I see those enormous tanks I think: that’s where I work! I love working outdoors and Verwater’s open company culture suits me: there’s plenty of room for personal input.


Technical Director Belgium
Dirk Vandeweyer

Technical Director Belgium

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Tony Hulstaert


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Tank maintenance in depth


Tank bottoms

Replacement and repair of sumps, membranes and annulars, drip rings, heating coils and internals

Tank staircase

Tank shells

Replacement and repair of shell courses, door sheets, primary and secondary wind girders, top platforms, spiral staircases, cage ladders, and walkways


Tank roofs

Modification, replacement and repair of roof structures, fire fighting systems, floating roofs and covers, column-supported roofs and aluminium domes


Hydro cutting

Hydro cutting of e.g. tank bottoms, door sheets and pipes, resulting in shorter completion times and complying with higher standards for safety and employment conditions

Norms and codes

Codes, norms and regulations

Verwater supports its clients in the process of codes, norms and regulations. This includes GAP-analysis of e.g. PGS, API and EEMUA, coordination with relevant authorities, preparation and scoping of multi-year plans, and preparation of periodic progress reports

MOT site

Total Tank Maintenance programs

Verwater has extensive experience with tank maintenance projects and we can support our clients in a variety of ways. This includes involvement in scoping, coordination or contracting tank maintenance partners and full partnership in integrated planning of multiple (international) tank parks

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