Verwater Tankjacking Petronas

Tankjacking Petronas Malaysia

13 November 2017

This week we managed to jack our very first tank for Petronas (Petronas Dagangan Berhad) in Malaysia.
Together with our partner for this particular project, RME, Tank 4 in Perai was jacked up to a height of 1,9 meters.

Tank 4 with a diameter of 24 m' and a height of 14,5 meter, had suspected internal foundation issues. For this reason, Petronas wanted to jack up the tank till a sufficient height to carry out foundation inspection works, combined with underside bottom plate inspection works.

Mobilization from Singapore, preparation on site, including jacking took only about 1 week till we finished the jacking at 1,9 meters height.

Looking very much forward to the next tanks to come and to continue supporting Petronas!