IGMA Bulk Terminal

  • Location
  • Steel area
    3,500 m2
  • Timing
    2014 - 2015

IGMA Bulk Terminal

In 2014 PCC Protective Coating Contractors received the order for maintenance painting works on the structure of the Chain Conveyor Bridge on Pier 4 by IGMA Amsterdam, a terminal for transhipment of bulk cargos. This structure with a length of 150 meters, height of 25 meters and a total steel area of 3,500 m2 had to be provided with a 4-layer coating system. The maximum allowable load from the scaffolding on the concrete floor implied that the work had to be carried out in 6 phases. In addition, because the structure was located above water, special precautions had to be taken to avoid pollution of the water underneath. On top of that, many parts of the structure were heavily damaged by corrosion, resulting in repairs during the painting activities. Recently this project was completed without safety or environmental incidents and within schedule.

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